"If I could describe Apollo in three words, it would be this:

"Gets It Done" - Gary Vaynerchuk

Professional Info

Apollo has been able to land on MTV, ABC, FOX, PBS, NPR, & dozens of media outlets without a PR agent, manager, or press team, using his savvy marketing skills and pure drive for success. Destined to be more than just a creative visionary, Apollo has spent his entire career balancing the intellect with the heart, as a business and marketing consultant. Fueled by pure drive and outside-the-box thinking, Apollo has achieved great levels of success within each field he has worked in.

Apollo has either interviewed, worked with, or been ackwowledged by Larry King, Deepak Chopra, Lady Gaga, Billionaire Alki David, Kevin Harrington, ABC's Dan Harris, Arianna Huffington, Gary Vaynerchuk, Janet Jackson, Kathy Hilton, Marla Maples, India Arie, Andrew Zimmern, and dozens of other celebrities.

Work Experience

-Outreach & Promotions Manager for Challenge Day

-President of Marketing for The Equation founded by CNN anchor Larry King

-Vice President of RSF working with Radisson Hotels

-VP of Business Development for Dizzler; partnered with Tagged.com

-Marketing Consultant for Gold Touch Jewelry

-Certified Business & Life Coach specializing in NeuroLinguistic Programming

-Press for the ESPN's World Series of Poker

-Workshop Facilitator & Public Speaker

-Marketing Consultant for Rainbeau Mars, a former Adidas ambassador





Creative Projects

Public Speaking


Business Development

Film, Photo, Design

Writing, Editing

2010 - present

2010 - present

With Billionaire Alki David                                                With Arianna Huffington & Dan Harris

Regardless if it's investing early in Bitcoin, promoting 3d printing, making the top 10 in the NASA contest to get flown to space, or getting a private demonstration of hologram technology by Alki David, Apollo is constantly pushing boundaries and looking towards the future.

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NLP Certified
TESOL Certified
Educator Certification
U.S. Presidential Award
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"The Modern Day Renaissance Man"

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