Nahko supporting Joy's Kitchen

Dear Michael Franti,

I am writing you this letter.


For starters, THANK YOU.

Your music has saved my life and touched my soul for many years.

This is a humble request for a shoutout from you for an amazing nonprofit. 

First, allow me to introduce myself.

My name's Apollo. I moved to Boulder from Oakland a few years ago. I was a social and political activist out there and the head organizer of March for our Lives.  I was also a former reality show actor (MTV, ABC) and the host of ARISE Festival. But this isn't about me, but rather us. Just wanted to tell you a tad bit about me and my passions in this world. None larger than being of service and supporting others doing the same.

It would bring a lot of people a lot of joy if you can give a huge shout out to the entire Colorado music community and all the people that are making a change out here!

As you know, Trevor Hall lives out here. And there is a ton of talent out here!

There are 2 things I'd like to tell you about that I'm involved with that'd be included in the shoutout:

1. Kathy - Founder of Joy's Kitchen:


Joy's Kitchen is a nonprofit that's rescuing food every week and feeding 1000's of families who are in need. The demand for what they offer has spiked due to coronavirus and the volunteers have been working around the clock. Kathy has the biggest heart I've ever seen and is providing so much for so many people. You can learn more about them at:


2. The Roots Recording Retreat by Tubby Love and Amber Lily


This is an annual music retreat where a bunch of artists (many of who have never met each other) are put in a random group and given a day to create a song together. 

I just uploaded the video of the song "Follow Your Excitement"  that myself, Lily Fangz, Tubby Love, and several other artists created. I'm going to be using the song to promote Joy's Kitchen,  requesting that if people like the song, to make a donation to them.


My request from you is this:


If, and only if, you like the song, would you be willing to film an intro for it?


I wouldn't ask you to put your stamp of approval on a song that didn't resonate with you, so my only request is that you listen to it and only say YES if you're feeling the vibes.


It'd only be a shout out and not a collab or feature.


You can watch the video "Follow Your Excitement" at this link below.

Just scroll down. It's the second video on the left side.

I feel that we have a beautiful tribe of spirit-inspired musicians in our Colorado collective!

I hope that our music touches your heart the way that your music has touched ours.

Thank you for your time and for your life-saving music.


Apollo (fan for life)

BONUS FUN FACT:  My long time friend Dig Om of Sacred Fire, the same one who did my back tattoo, is the one who worked on your guitar!


"The Modern Day Renaissance Man"

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