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- Ranked as “Top 5” in the world on Reverbnation.com

- Ranked #1 on MTV2.com’s On The Rise Contest


- Recipient of the United States Presidential Point of Light Award

- Made Top 10 in the NASA Contest to be flown to space

- Broke a Guinness World Record in 2013


Apollo Poetry (which is his legal name) was born in Jerusalem, Israel on November 14th, 1983.

His family came to America as poor immigrants and ended up building a successful business in Times Square. Apollo grew up in New Jersey, has most recently lived in Arizona, and has been to 45 states and 7 countries. Apollo has chosen Story-telling as a tool of inspiration to bridge our cultural and generational gaps and to focus on what we have in common, rather than what divides us. Throughout all cultures in human history, the one trait that is shared is the desire for self-expression.

Apollo has been a jack-of-all-trades with a deep love for Business, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Music, Film, & Public Speaking. Apollo not only studies the intellect, but also has a fascination with emotional intelligence and the art of self-expression and communication.



At 13 years old, he began his performance career as a street magician and became one of the youngest to perform underwater escapes. By 16, he became a hiphop artist, with his first battles being against Mac Lethal and Immortal Technique. Shortly after, Apollo’s family business was robbed and they ended up losing their home.  With nowhere to turn to, Apollo dropped out of high school and began hustling on the streets.

His life forever changed when he was kidnapped and taken to the back of an empty building in Newark, NJ. He was surrounded with 6 guns pointed at his head. He closed his eyes and took what he thought was his last breath. But instead, he saw a vision of his life and future.

The friend that Apollo was with got beat up. However, for some reason, they didn’t lay a finger on Apollo and shortly after, let him go. Apollo knew he got past this exit-point for a reason beyond himself and became obsessed with living an extraordinary life.


Since then, he’s gone on to appear on ABC’S Glass House, MTV’S True Life, VIBE Magazine, The WakeUp Show, Source’s Unsigned Hype, Showtime at Apollo, along with performances at Madison Square Garden, America West Arena, & the Billboard Awards.


In 2009, Apollo launched The Traveling Poet Project, in which he performed and presented in over 40 states in America. He presented from high schools and colleges like ASU & UCSB, to retirement homes and homeless shelters. He has worked with and spoken at events by Invisible Children, Youth for Human Rights, The Department of Peace, the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project, and many more non-profits and education-based organizations. His commitment to activism made him a recipient of the United States Presidential Point of Light Award, which honors individuals making a difference in their community.


As a host, Apollo has interviewed Matisyahu, Kevin Harrington, India Arie, Lady Gaga, Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Foods), visionary artist Alex Grey, Abraham Hicks, WSOP champion Joe Hachem, and dozens of others.

Apollo was also an official spokesperson for the Occupy movement. As an independent who believes in conscious capped capitalism, Apollo was deemed as the “voice of reason” for bringing balance to both sides during his interviews on Fox News, PBS, & NPR.

Apollo’s music had him open up for acts such as Pitbull and The Pussycat Dolls. He’s also shared the studio with the legendary Swizz Beats, Ruff Ryders DJ Shok, & G-Unit’s T-Scott.


Apollo’s films have won “Best Director” “Judges Choice” and the “Audience Choice Awards” at several film festivals. Apollo was also the President of the Film Club at PVCC while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, being accepted in the Honors program, and receiving several scholarships. Since completing his film studies, Apollo has done work for ESPN's World Series of Poker and The Phoenix Film Festival and also was the Director for The Secret of Destiny, which he shot in Thailand. The inspirational film has been translated to several languages and seen by thousands around the world. Apollo was also in the Top 10 in the NASA/Axe Contest to be flown to outter-space, although he ultimately wasn't chosen. Later on in the same year, Apollo went on to break a Guinness World Record


Apollo was also chosen to appear on ABC's reality show, The Glass House and was also featured on ABC's 20/20. In business, Apollo was the Director of Marketing for Dizzler.com and negotiated with Tagged.com to bring the website from 5,000 to 5 million members. He has worked as a management and marketing consultant, and as the President of Marketing for The Equation, under the legendary Larry King and James Tarantin.


Apollo's life experiences is why he puts both Heart and Intellect into every decision he makes, and he urges others to do the same.  To live an extreme life and go after the impossible.