Here is your chance to be a part of a global collaboration!

This was the end result of the last time we made a "community" music video


Step 1 - Download the song and lyrics here (Click Download All)




Step 2 - Record a video of yourself singing along

Note - You can use a camera, cell phone, or your computer's camera to film. Please aim for the highest possible quality you can get.  For this video, while I will be over-seeing the project, I have somebody else doing the editing and he will choose which clips make the final cut. We got an overwhelming response so not every video will make the final cut. Don't take it personal. At a very minimum, it is recommended to do all the choruses. This is what most people will likely do. So the odds of making the final cut are the lowest during this part.


If you really want to ensure you end up in the video, we recommend to rap along one of the verses, or the entire song if you want! You can record this in chunks....and just do 2 lines at a time, then go read the next 2 lines, and rap along with those as well and then eep going.

 While you can 'lip-rap' the other parts, feel free to actually sing the choruses out loud in your video. You can also come up with 'scenes' that match the words. This is really your chance to be the star in a video and direct your own scenes like you've always wanted to. Riding in a car. Chains on your hand during the "freedom' chorus. etc... Read the lyrics and get creative :)


The more footage you submit, the better your odds.


Even though the hardcore music warriors will  rap the entire song,  know that this isn't expected or required, but it will guarantee you a spot in the video. The more creative your video, the better. You can include other people in your video, including your children. You can be in your house, or outside, or near a monument. You can dance, flip, fire-spin, put on a costume, make-up, etc. Some will keep it simple. Others will get creative. Just know that it's all wecome!

IMPORTANT SHOT (Please try to submit this as well):   The first shot is with you having tape over your mouth (as if you're being silenced) and staring at the camera for 4 seconds with a serious look. The next shot is you staring at the camera for 4 seconds with the tape OFF, your mouth and this time with a proud look. It'll make sense when you see it. I'm going to put this in the "freedom" part of the song.

Step 3 - Submit your video files

You can use sites like Dropbox, TransferBigFiles, or GoogleDrive

Please email them to

The sooner you get the videos to us, the better! We are setting the deadline for June 18.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Let's all collaborate and make an epic video!

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You can also stream the song here


"The Modern Day Renaissance Man"

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