Apollo began reading the newspaper while he was 2 years old. His mother would tell the story how she would walk into his room when he was a child and he would be awake at 5 a.m., hiding under the covers with a flashlight, reading books. For his entire life, he had a deep passion for words and believes they have the alchemist's power of transformation.
His work has been published internationally & has been taught in high schools and universities as part of the curriculum.  Apollo was published in the Homestead Review and quoted in Buddy Wakefield's "A Gentlemen's Practice".  Apollo is a two-time presenter at the UCSB Lecture Series and at ASU & NYU amongst others. Apollo represented Arizona in the National Poetry Slam, won the final Arcosanti Poetry Slam, and recently made the San Francisco Slam Team. He has opened up for Saul Williams, Alex Grey, and has presented his channel writing workshops at festivals worldwide.
What is Privilege?
Cosmic Poem
Bracelet of Light (w/ Alex Grey)
Why We Dance
Heart (UCSB)
March On
The Woman On The Train
Alphabet (India Arie/AZ Jazz Festival)
Bracelet Of Light
My Darkness
Sway & Tech Wake Up Show
Breathing In
It's Okay To Be Alone
The Universe
Heart (Sedona)
The Spirit of Poetry
Primitive God Remix
Tribute to Ali
Bracelet Of Light - Live Performance